About Innervation REWARDS

Innervation Rewards is a preferred solutions manager providing bespoke programs for corporates to incentivise, reward and enhances their stakeholders while utilising physical payment methods and leveraging off of an experienced team and partners expertise.

Innervation Rewards’ solutions enable companies to more effectively manage Incentive and rewards programs, employee benefit disbursements and expense management through a variety of card and mobile payment products integrated to a self-service portal whereby one can:

  • Manage one’s own INREWARDS Cards
  • Extract reports
  • Track spend
  • Load cards
  • Reverse funds
  • Stop cards

Additional Solutions include: 

  • Card customisation
  • Product stationery such as; card wallets, letters, branded envelopes etc.
  • Courier service
  • Bespoke website platforms

All cards can be reloaded with no transaction fees to the cardholder within the Terms and Conditions, cards and vouchers are valid for a minimum of three years. The Premium Imali card is intended for use at point of sale terminals as well as ATM machines within the Republic of South Africa. With cash withdrawal functionality, this card is perfect for salary disbursements, commission payments, expense management or as a fuel card amongst other possible solutions.

The INREWARDS Online voucher can be used at any online store within South Africa. Distributed directly to a recipient’s mobile number, this voucher has a 3D secure PIN and online shopping functionality.

Shopping has never been easier! Shop from the comfort of your home with INREWARDS Online.

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