About SwitchPay

Who We Are

SwitchPay is an Alternative Payment Platform that merchants can activate in-store and online. We offer a merchant’s customers alternative ways to pay for their goods or services, with our payment options, such as Purpose Based Lending (“PBL”), Layby and Subscription Agreements. Customers enjoy the convenience and flexibility to apply for an affordable alternative payment option at participating retail partners, to help them get what they need when they need it.

What We Do

We offer merchants and customer three alternative payment options:

Purpose Based Lending – A real-time in-store and online lending product

Layby or Purpose Based Saving – A product allowing you to save and pay for goods and services over time

Subscription Agreements – A payment option for a fixed amount over the subscription period

Our Mission

To empower merchants and customers with the ability to offer and make use of alternative payment options.

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